iStent inject® W Procedure

Cataract Surgery and Glaucoma Treatment Together In One Procedure

Your Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity to Treat Your Glaucoma & Cataracts at the Same Time

iStent inject® W is one of the world’s smallest implantable devices and it can have remarkable benefits for glaucoma patients with cataracts.

  • Glaucoma is a group of diseases that damage the eye’s optic nerve and can cause vision impairment and blindness.
  • Cataracts is a slowly developing clouding of the eye’s lens, which causes blurry vision. It is often treated through surgical replacement with an artificial lens — one of the most commonly performed surgeries on the planet.
  • Cataracts can impact people with and without glaucoma. In the U.S. approximately 1 in 5 cataract patients also have glaucoma.¹
  • Today, glaucoma patients who also have cataracts are eligible for iStent inject® W at the same time as cataract surgery, adding very little time or pain to the procedure.

Open Your Eyes to a World of Possibilities

Implanted during cataract surgery, iStent inject® W includes two two tiny stents that are designed to restore your eye’s natural ability to drain fluid and reduce intraocular pressure (IOP).

Adding iStent inject® W to your cataract surgery can provide a number of benefits:

iStent inject® W is a medical device that is designed to work continuously.

Reduce the number of glaucoma medications needed, at your physician’s discretion.

Excellent overall safety profile.

Think You May Be A Candidate?

Talk to your eye care professional today to find out if iStent inject® W is right for you.

How iStent inject® W Works?

One of the World’s Smallest Medical Implants Delivers BIG Results

Manage your glaucoma and simplify your life!

While iStent inject® W is a highly innovative technology, how it works is elegantly simple:

  • The iStent inject® W contains two tiny surgical-grade titanium stents that create two permanent bypasses between the front part of the eye and its natural drainage pathway to increase the flow of fluid.
  • The iStent inject® W is designed to work continuously to improve the eye’s natural flow of fluid to safely lower eye pressure.

What Can I Expect During the iStent inject® W Procedure?

  • iStent inject® W stents are placed in your eye during cataract surgery, which is usually performed under local anesthesia.
    Implanting the stents does not significantly extend the length of time you will spend in surgery.
  • Once they are implanted, the stents are so small that you will be unable to see or feel them.
  • The recovery period is no different than recovery from cataract surgery alone.

Is the iStent inject® W Procedure Right for Me?

Patients who have been diagnosed with glaucoma should ask their doctor whether they may be an appropriate candidate for the procedure.

Ask Your Doctor:

If you suffer from mild-to-moderate glaucoma and cataracts, ask your doctor if you are a candidate for iStent inject® W.

Ask Yourself:

  • How many glaucoma eye drop medicines do you take per day?
  • What are the total monthly costs of your glaucoma medicines?
  • Do you ever skip a dose of your eye drop medicine due to costs or a busy schedule?
  • How often do you forget to take one of your glaucoma eye drop medicines?
  • Are you interested in learning about a treatment that can POTENTIALLY reduce or eliminate your need to take glaucoma medicines?

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1. Medicare Administrative Claims Data (Carrier 5% SAF) 2007-2010.


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