WEAR-TV (Pensacola, FL): Georgia Shares Importance of Routine Medical Appointments During Pandemic

Jun 2, 2021 | Blog

“Even with the pandemic, things happen and we have to see about ourselves. The doctors I’ve had to go to are very cautious.” – Georgia Philpot, age 75

Throughout the past year, many older adults have chosen to stay home due to the fear of contracting COVID-19. However, doing so makes it impossible to receive necessary, non-emergency medical care if individuals have been putting off their medical appointments.

Georgia Philpot of Pensacola, FL, nearly missed out on treating her glaucoma and cataracts for this very reason. Luckily, Georgia – who needed surgery for her eye conditions – felt more comfortable once she learned about the safety precautions that her doctor was taking, such as requiring masks and face shields.

Dr. Michael Ullman of Ullman Eye Consultants understands why people may be nervous to come into a doctor’s office, but he believes that care shouldn’t be put on hold. He wanted to ensure a safe environment to continue to provide the necessary care for his patients.

Dr. Ullman acknowledged that Georgia could have lost her eyesight if she hadn’t treated her glaucoma when she did with the iStent. An iStent is a tiny implant that can help reduce pressure in the eye, potentially reducing or eliminating the need for medication, like daily eye drops, at the discretion of a physician.

After deciding to undergo the procedure in conjunction with her cataract surgery, Georgia’s first eye was treated in February 2020, and then her second eye in July 2020. Georgia is relieved to once again be doing the things she loves without worrying about her glaucoma progressing.

Georgia and Dr. Ullman recently spoke with WEAR-TV to discuss Georgia’s journey with glaucoma and the importance of seeking timely treatment. You can check out the full segment here.

To learn more about Georgia and her experience with glaucoma, read Georgia’s Journey. For more information on glaucoma or to read similar experiences like Georgia’s, visit our website.

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